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Male Beauty Brazilian Male Model Bernado Velasco - 2nd Series

I have featured Bernardo Velasco once before.  I cannot get over how handsome he is.  Almost angelic and devilish at the same time.

I just came back from my vacation in Sao Paulo, Porto Alegre and Iguacu.  I had the best time!  Brazilians have the knack in making you feel at home.  They love tourists!

My planned visit to Brazil next year may be postponed for a bit. I plan on staying home here in the US for a bit and not travel. It would be nice to just stay at home, sit back and do nothing for a week.

Spending time with my dogs Shelbie and Jake would be the best way to spend a vacation.

How about you, have you been on vacation anywhere this year just yet?

My Perfect Guys - Brazilian Male Model Rodiney Santiago

You probably know well that I like Brazilian guys with the perfect physique and a face that could transform into different looks when dressed in different outfits.  One guy that fits the bill is Brazilian male model Rodiney Santiago.  His built, his face and everything else that goes with it fits the title - My Perfect Guy.

He currently resides in New York and Miami.    View his profile and photo gallery from Model Mayhem below:

Hi my name is Rodiney Santiago, thank you for visiting my MM. I am from Brazil, but now am living in New York & Miami Beach studying and working. I came to the USA in order to take my career to the next level, and what a great decision that has been. I love my job and I just want to do gorgeous work with talented photographers, designers, etc.

Enjoy life, and be well!

In Miami i work wthi MEGA MODELS.
Los Angeles - Pinkerton model & talent
Atlanta - Caliber enteprises

When the going gets tough....

It was a tough year last year uh? The economic meltdown, the stock market, job losses and all that jazz. I was so looking forward to 2010 and I am still very positive about it. There is no way but up from last year's financial fiasco. Yet, the job losses seem to continue and it doesn't look like there's end in sight just yet. However, I am remaining positive.

The natural calamities that plague our world today seem kind of unreal. Last year was the typhoon in the Philippines, and this time - the earthquake in Haiti. These are not small disasters. People's lives are being affected.

Wherever you are, whatever it is that you are doing - if you have the means to help - please help. Send a $5, $10, or even $100 if you can afford it. These people need our help and let's show the world that we haven't lost all hope just yet.

You may send donations directly to American Red Cross. Follow the link here. Please - please.. do what you can.

Thanks everyone - and I promise more pictures next time. In the meantime, here's male model Jeremy Bloom. Enjoy!