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"Put me in, Coach!"

 This nifty cartoon has all the high production values of a real-deal 1955-ish animated educational short.  A Guy's Best Friend begins with opening credits which makes sure that we know that the drawings are depicting men of at least 18 years of age.  We see the outside of the school campus, Harry Cox Junior College.  Looks like our crew cut handsome coach is ready to teach his young men all about the birds and bees.  There's a lot to learn!  
No-nonsense Coach Randy Fokker has this stuff all figured out.  Something called 'hormones' kick in and turn little wee wee's into big pleasure tools.  He pulls down his shorts and shows off his own cock, and even has a display board to help illustrate what happens as a dude matures. Guys are wired to want to pollinate as often as possible because it feels so darn good.  Luckily for guys, there's plenty of willing partners just ready to get pollinated!  Time for a demonstration.

It's easy to figure out why girl sluts are so popular with young horny men--they are ready and willing fuck holes!  If Coach were a girl he would probably be called a slut, too!  Bill may not be as tall as the basketball players at school, but Coach shows how when it comes to sex, any guy can be the star player if he's self confident and knows how to score and shoot.  Bill plays with Coach's big ass cheeks and then lets the Coach massage some lubricant on his cock.  The jockey position, riding on top of Coach's ass, is the way to get an A!

Please stay tuned for part two