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More Behind the Scenes

Ken Probst's book Pornegrafik (Pornographic) helps to remind us viewers that to the people making smut, it's just another day of doing their job.  Several people wanted to know where they could get a copy of this book.  Here is a link to the publisher's page but it looks like the book is on back order as best as VGMH can tell.

Sadly, San Fernando Valley studios cranking out Hollywood-quality smut with storylines (or even scripts for that matter), building plywood sets, and having carefully staged scenes are becoming more rare all of the time.  As the quantity of cheaply produced adult sex material available on the Internet expands all the time, the traditional industry is declining and fewer and fewer pornographic films are being produced to much of any artistic standards.  Next time you watch an adult scene, pay attention to how many film edits there are which change the view from wide to close-up, or from several viewpoint angles.  Does the activity move between multiple locations (such as starting in a living room, moving to a bedroom and ending up in the shower)?  Is any sexual anticipation created by teasing the audience to build excitement, or does the smut go directly to sex scenes?
Please stay tuned for part three.