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Tom's Surprise Blast From the Past (part two)

There seemed to be a lot of confusion and homophobic stereotyping going on in chat rooms and sex blogs when a vintage photo set resurfaced on the Internet showing images of vintage straight stud Tom Byron having sex with a transgendered partner (chick with dick).  And for many of Tom's straight male fans, there were a lot of ridiculous attempts to define masculinity and sexuality while slapping a label on this couple's sexual encounter.  Was it Gay Sex? Bisexual Sex? Straight Sex?  Was that a man or a woman sucking on Tom's bone?  And was Tom going down on another dude's cock? 
Here at VGMH we have known for a long time that the main audience for 'chicks with dicks' smut has been men who identify themselves as being straight.  In the opinion of this blog, human sexuality is rarely as simplistic as many try to make it out to be, and strict labels are totally unrealistic with how most people actually live the course of their lives.  Especially thanks in-part to his gay-oriented smut appearances (such as the solo erotic photo shoot images we enjoyed in part one), we know that Tom has maintained a loyal gay fan base over many decades.  And to his homophobic straight fans who were upset by these images, we have this simple advice:  Relax! Live and let live!


Please stay tuned for part three.