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Beefcake, sand and surf just seem to go together.  While seeing these beauties totally nude would be terrific, there's so much more eroticism that happens with the tease of imagining what lies under that thin panel of fabric. 
Proving the point that eventually everything old is new again, below we have a nice 1934 picture of (straight) athlete Fred Perry wearing the fashionable belted swim trunk (left) alongside a modern model in a similar suit (right).  In 1934 Fred Perry took home the first of his three Wimbledon titles playing professional tennis.  
Below, rugged rocks have met their match with this ruggedly handsome gentleman.
Below, any gent with the balls to wear this little number is sure to turn heads as the pouch grows to accomodate his level of arousal.
And finally, white is always in fashion...especially when it's soaking wet and allowing pool patrons to enjoy a dark thick patch of pubes at the end of a long tummy treasure trail.