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More Summertime Bliss!

VGMH received 7 emails so far about Danny from guys who wanted to know how come they had never seen pics or heard of Danny Bliss on the Internet until our tribute post.  We'll get back to that in a minute, but a couple of the emails also added a comment/request that others have made in the past--make it easier to add comments to posts here.  Comments are wonderful because in the past we've all been able to learn things from the personal histories and thoughts of friends of this blog.  But the problem began when computer-generated "comments" (which were nothing more than links to pay porn sites) started to slam us hard.  I miss the feedback a lot, too!  So for now the only thing requested will be a simple word verification.   Thank you for everyone who supports, reads and reaches out to communicate with VGMH over the years.  To-date, we have over 2 millions visits!  
Now back to more important things, such as Mr. Bliss.  Danny worked for well over ten years, which is a very long career in the adult entertainment industry.  Part of why he's not as recognizable today as some other vintage smut stars probably has to do with when Danny was working, which was in the 1990s.  This was an era when porn boomed but unfortunately a lot of the quality production values of the past were replaced with much more cheaply generate videos.  Danny worked for some notable studios and directors (including Chi Chi LaRue and Garth Evans) in films that are still around, but the majority of the titles (Boot Camp: A Long Way From Home, Spank Me, Paddler Me, Wet Load) sound like pretty generic smut.  And just like mainstream movies, the vast majority of films that don't standout for some reason (which makes them become "classics") tend to become forgotten as time passes. 
In his skinny earlier years, Danny sometimes appeared as being slightly effeminate and not especially discernible from the countless other young bottoms who were cast as much a props as anything else for men to fuck.  But luckily, his fans were able to watch Danny Bliss mature on film into a confident, muscular hunk with five o'clock shadow.  As the jacket cover noted for Danny's Anal Ordeal! "Young Danny gets tossed in jail for jaywalking and is quickly strip-searched by his hunky cell-mates.  Hot anal/oral action follows as he satisfies these hardened men!"  Just because its more interesting to watch action, the top man who is usually doing most of the moving in sex scenes, and thus is typically the center of attention in gay smut films.  Other opinions have pointed to his compact height, average cock size, and occasional difficulties with erections on film.  VGMH is happy to remember and pay tribute to this hunky sex star.

Here's to you, Danny Bliss!